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Senior Accreditation Officer at the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), Grace Gordon, has appealed to members of the public to ensure that educational institutions to which they apply are registered and their programmes are accredited.
Miss Gordon made the appeal during an interview with JIS News on Wednesday (January 28), while highlighting activities planned for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education Week, which will be observed February 2-6.
“What we have been working at doing and have attained quite a measure of success, is creating in Jamaica, a quality culture as it relates to tertiary education. We want the public to be aware and we expect that this week will continue the promotion of this quality culture,” Miss Gordon pointed out.
She said that the UCJ provides information on both local and international institutions, in order for persons to be aware of the status of the institution as it relates to accreditation.
“We need to ensure that the institution we are selecting to attend is a recognised institution…If they are recognised in their country of origin by the credible authority that has been designated by the Department of Education, then the UCJ recognises that institution,” she added.
Miss Gordon also noted that the Council, “is a body that provides information to the public on quality and we expect that, after the Week, there will be heightened awareness of the need to check with the UCJ to ensure that you are making correct decisions about where to study and what to study.”
The UCJ is the quality assurance body for tertiary education in Jamaica. The Council was established by an Act of Parliament, the University Council of Jamaica Act 1987, with a mandate to ensure standards and quality in tertiary education in Jamaica.

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