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Farmers in St. Ann are being encouraged to purchase fertiliser at the Jamaica Agricultural Society’s (JAS) main office in the parish, at a much cheaper price than they would pay at the farm stores.
“The Jamaica Agricultural Society is engaging in an effort to assist the farmers in procuring fertiliser at a cheaper cost,” said Manager for the St. Ann Branch of the JAS, Dennis Steele.
Noting that earlier this year, the cost of fertiliser “was somewhere in the region of $6,000 to $7,000 per bag,” he informed that the 18-24-24 grade of fertiliser could be purchased at the JAS office at a cost of $3,180 per bag and the 11-22-22 grade at $3,140 per bag.
Mr. Steele invited all farmers, including those unregistered, to take advantage of the cheaper fertiliser, which go on sale this week. “At first, we will be procuring about 22 tonnes of fertiliser to be sold in the parish and these will be available at the office in Brown’s Town,” he informed.
Turning to other matters, Mr. Steele told JIS News, that the JAS will host its 6th annual ‘Eat Jamaica Day’, at the Denbigh Showground in Clarendon on November 25 and stated that the St. Ann JAS will be playing its part in helping to promote the event.
He informed that the branch will feature sweet potato and corn at the event and urged farmers in the parish, especially those in the western belt, where both crops are cultivated on a large scale, to support the effort.
“I am encouraging the farmers in the parish to participate in this exposition and any farmer who is interested can contact the JAS office in Brown’s Town for further details,” he stated.

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