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Chief Executive Officer of the Culture, Health, Art, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund, Billy Heaven, yesterday (November 3) officially handed over musical instruments valued at $500,000 to the Holland High School in Trelawny.
Among the items were a drum set, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, keyboard and saxophone. The donation brings to 18, the number of high schools across the island, which have received musical instruments under an $11.3 million project being implemented by the CHASE Fund, to help them establish a music department or a band.
Mr. Heaven, in his comments at the brief handing over ceremony, noted the importance of music to building one’s character, and in teaching commitment and self-worth.
“Music also creates habits of self-discipline, and I think this is perhaps the most important part of your music lesson,” he told the students.
“We need to reach the stage in our society, where we can have a certain level of self-discipline, because if this is not so, and with all that is going on, then we are heading forward into a society that will be difficult to deal with,” he contended.
Mr. Heaven expressed the hope that by the provision of musical instruments to the schools, more young people will be exposed to music education.
At the community level, CHASE has also provided $7.3 million in funding to support the establishment or expansion of six marching bands or drum corps.

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