CHASE Funds Internet Project in Libraries

The $10 million project has been implemented through financing from the CHASE fund to equip 68 libraries with the necessary technology to provide Internet service.
The project was officially launched at the Green Island Branch library in Hanover on March 4.

Chairman of the Jamaica Library Board, Dr. Simon Clarke emphasises a point, while speaking yesterday (Mar. 3) at the official launch of the Jamaica Library Service CHASE Fund ICT Development Project, at the Green Island Branch Library in Hanover.

Chairman of the CHASE fund, Dr. Carlton Davis, informed that 146 computers, 44 printers, 81 UPS systems and other peripherals were bought with the allocated funds and distributed to libraries across the island.
He said that as a result, some 30 libraries across the island would now be offering Internet and other computer services for the first time, while computer hardware and software in another 38 libraries would be upgraded. The Green Island Library is one of the 30 branch Libraries that will receive Internet access for the first time.
“By giving rural Jamaica such as Green Island citizens access to the information super highway, the vision of the Jamaica Library Service (JLS) is aligned perfectly with the government’s thrust towards the more pervasive use of and access to ICT to enhance development”, he stated.
Dr. Davis pointed out that important in the development was the matter of education, and put forward the view that properly equipped libraries and the proper use of them could improve the outcomes from the education process.
The Chairman also expressed commitment to providing continued support for the JLS, adding that an additional $7.5million was recently approved by the fund to improve the Local Area Network within the service.
In her address, Director General of the JLS, Patricia Roberts underscored the importance of the library service in personal and national development. “Naturally, a public library network must keep in step with what is happening nationally, regionally and globally, and the Jamaica Library Service will not be left behind”, she stated.

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