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The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund has donated some $27 million to assist with the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment for the newly renovated ambulatory suite at the National Chest Hospital in Kingston.
The suite has been equipped with bronchoscopes, an endoscopic tower, a C-arm fluoroscope and a cardio pulmonary exercise stress test unit. In addition to the ambulatory ward, a procedural unit, a cardio pulmonary rehabilitation unit and laboratory have also be established.
Speaking at the official opening of the suite recently, Minister of Health, John Junor said it was a very modern facility, which placed the National Chest Hospital in the league of a centre of excellence, which could beckon Jamaica’s entry into the health tourism market.
“I have been issuing this challenge for us to establish such centres in Jamaica, not only for the treatment of our own nationals but also to recognize that there is a tremendous marketing potential for us if we do in fact position ourselves in the health field,” he said.
The Minister pointed out that with centres of excellence, Jamaica had the potential of attracting not only Jamaicans overseas but also the wider health tourism market.
Mr. Junor further noted that this emerging sector would translate into expanded services and an increased quality of care being delivered. He also noted that the new equipment would boost the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.from about 28 per year in 1998 to over 200 in 2002 and that figure rose to over 300 in 2004,” he said.
The Minister said the equipment would accelerate the diagnosis and management of cancers and cardiovascular diseases as well as reduce the length of stay in hospital. He noted that not many people knew that the National Chest Hospital also provided assistance with the over-crowding situation that exists at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), and that some of the KPH patients are dealt with at the facility.
The suite has been adopted by CARIMED Pharmaceuticals, which will sponsor the upkeep of the facility.

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