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Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles has encouraged Jamaicans to invest more in the country, to provide jobs for those who need it.
“You cannot have jobs without expansion of investment or new investment, (and) you cannot invite people to come to your country to create jobs, to create investments, when they are scared of their capital and scared of their lives,” Mr Charles said.
He suggested that persons who have been laid off should not to use the funds just to pay off bills, gamble, give away or “hide it”, as the government is encouraging entrepreneurship.
“So if you get laid off from your job, I am inviting you to invest it. Look at what you have, and if you need assistance the Ministry of Labour is there to guide you,” he said.
The Minister was speaking at RJR Communications Group’s ‘Yes you Can Survive 2009′ one day symposium, at the Police Officers’ Club, Kingston, on Saturday (March 14).
Mr. Charles said that the funds generated from the issuing of work permits to overseas nationals were being used to train Jamaican workers, as part of the government’s initiative to develop the local workforce.
“We are taking the education route: The Heart Trust/NTA and all the vocational institutions have been given the job to train for us, and the work permit money is assisting us. In other words, when I give a work permit to a man as a chef from China to come here, they must now advise me that they have employed (a Jamaican) as understudy, because in three years that work permit will not be renewed,” Mr Charles explained.
He also pointed out that the Ministry has created a skill bank for all the workers who have been made redundant.
“We are putting them on the website and people are going on that website, from all over the place, and drafting them. We are getting people calling from all over the world,” Mr Charles explained.

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