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Opposition Spokesman on Transport and Works, Pearnel Charles is urging the government to make special budgetary allocation for disaster prevention to avoid expending sizeable amounts for relief in the aftermath of disasters.
Mr. Charles, who was making his contribution to the 2005/06 Sectoral Debate in Gordon House on June 29, said the cost of prevention was far more economic than the cost of relief efforts and would allow for greater protection of life and property.
He pointed out, that given forecasts for an active hurricane season, it was imperative that the necessary maintenance works on roads, bridges, waterways and gullies be undertaken.
On the matter of road maintenance, Mr. Charles proposed that the islands used to divide roadways should be marked with luminescent paint to allow motorists to see the divisions clearly. He noted that although this was evident in some areas, it needed to be done on a wider basis.
Mr. Charles also appealed for an increase in the number of mileposts and information signs to assist the travelling public.
He further proposed that the role of the National Works Agency be extended to include the maintenance of parish council roads, noting that this move necessitate additional budgetary allocation to the agency.