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Four charity organisations are to benefit from a $20 million project over a four-year period, through Partners Cawley and Frith Limited (PCF), manufacturers of plaques and souvenirs.
The four charities are Bread Basket Ministries, SOS Children Village, Guiding Light Charity and the Gregory Park Baptist Church Learning Centre.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Partners Cawley and Frith Limited, Mr. Patrick Cawley, said the project would take the form of plaques produced by the company bearing the National Pledge and Anthem of Jamaica, which are to be sold locally and abroad.
“We are pushing the project to incorporate the Diaspora and a very lucrative foreign market. Based on research, we have about four million Jamaicans living in North America alone, so we are targeting those people to support the project,” Mr. Cawley told JIS News.
The CEO added that he hopes the plaques will serve an additional role of generating a sense of patriotism in the younger generation.
“The whole idea of the plaque is to generate a sense of patriotism and values that seem to be lost these days in the younger generation. In the National Anthem and the National Pledge, the words are very deep and we should be guided by them in our everyday life,” Mr. Cawley said.
In the meantime, earthquake-devastated Haiti is also set to benefit from Partners Cawley and Frith Limited’s benevolence. The company will also be producing plaques to commemorate the island’s rebuilding efforts. Mr. Cawley explained that the plaques will be sold and marketed to Haitians living outside of Haiti, the Jamaican Diaspora, as well as corporate and government agencies in Jamaica.
“Based on the tragedy in Haiti, we have to step up to the plate and help our neighbours and we hope the first $250,000 we raise from this project (will be) donated to the people of Haiti, and in the process we are arranging to do a special plaque to be sold and all the funds raised from this venture will go towards Haiti,” Mr. Cawley said.

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