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With reference to the Notices of Intention to Vary Toll, which were published on Thursday June 25, 2020, the Ministry of Transport and Mining reiterates that the toll operators of the Highway 2000 (North-South Link) and the Highway 2000 Phase 1 (East-West) Toll Roads have indicated that, given the impact of Covid-19 on the nation’s economy, they will delay charging the new toll rates as was stated in said notices.

The Tolling Policy Agreement, as outlined in the Concession Agreements, provides that the Concessionaires may apply for an annual increase in toll tariffs. It should be noted that the publication of the notices of intention to amend the Highway 2000 (North-South Link) Toll Order, 2014 and the Highway 2000 (Part of Phase 1) Toll Order, 2006 to provide for a variation in the toll rates is in keeping with the government’s obligation under the Concession Agreements.

The operators of both legs of the tolled roads, Transjamaican Highway (TJH) Limited and the Jamaica North South Highway (JNSH) Company Limited, submitted their applications to vary the toll, as stipulated under the Agreements. However, they both indicated that the new rates, which ordinarily would have taken effect in July, will not be implemented at this time.

The Ministry continues to receive feedback as invited in the Notice, and notes that many of the comments received are focused on the timing of the increase. This highlighted the need for further clarification to be provided to the public, who may not have read the Notices in their entirety. The Ministry hereby reiterates that the decision to delay the increase was outlined in the recent publications.

As also stated in the Notices, the public will be notified by the toll operators before new rates are implemented.  The published rates represent the maximum that may be charged but it is at the discretion of the operator to apply discounts as they have customarily done.

 As always, the Ministry of Transport and Mining and the Toll Authority welcome all further input and feedback, which are normally reviewed and considered in the final decisions regarding applications of new rates.

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