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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is targeting January 2022 to begin the implementation of character education in schools.

Portfolio Minster, Hon. Fayval Williams, in a back-to-school broadcast recently, said character education will enhance the academics by teaching students “a sense of diligence, how to focus on their studies, how to strive to do well, and how to interact properly with their teachers and other students in and out of the classroom”.

“We will be teaching them about their rights and duties as citizens; what it means to be a Jamaican. We want to teach them about a culture of peace. We want to educate them on tolerance and social partnerships,” she added.

Underpinning character education will be the launch of a sustained multi-year good-parenting campaign, which will help parents eliminate corporal punishment of children in the home and in public spaces.

“We want to significantly reduce the more than 1,200 reports per month of child abuse that come to the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA). We do this by teaching our parents good parenting,” Mrs. Williams said.

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