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    Thousands of residents of Christiana and Spaldings in Manchester now have access to potable water, as a result of the opening of a water supply scheme at Borobridge.
    Speaking at the official commissioning ceremony recently, Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang noted that additional areas to benefit from the scheme include Alston, Santa Hill, Baileston, Zinc Shop, Comfort, Laughton Town and Bullock.
    “All areas are likely to get better and more reliable quality water from the National Water Commission (NWC) out of this system. There are 10,000 persons who will be receiving additional water, as initially, they were served by an old scheme in Moravia, which had to be shared between a number of communities, the end result being that some received water only one day per week. As of now, theses person will be getting the commodity on a reliable and daily basis,” he said.
    Dr. Chang indicated that the overall cost of the water project was $354 million. “We had to construct a new intake at the confluence of the Cave and Yankee rivers as well as construct this new treatment plant. There is a new high lift pump to take water in two stages to Spaldings, and there was also the construction of a new storage reservoir, and the rehabilitation of the existing transmission network,” he said.
    The Minister pointed out that under the old system, some 80 per cent of the water was “unaccounted for” or lost.
    “This was because the pipes were old and maybe there was some bad design. My understanding is that they have reduced the figure from 80 per cent to a little over 30 per cent in this area, and I want to commend the Project Manager for this achievement,” he said.Ground was broken for the new water project two years ago and the contractors completed it in time and within budget.

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