• JIS News

    Some 32 young persons are participating in a youth camp at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Mandeville, put on by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, under its Closed to Crime Initiative.
    The camp, which began on July 20, last until July 27. The participants will engage in sessions dealing with conflict and anger management, depression, self esteem, sexuality, etiquette and academic issues.
    In his address at the launch, Chamber President, Winston Lawson said the camp was sending a signal that organizations in the parish can unite and find solutions to address social ills. “Crime is not only for the Government to fight, and this youth camp signals that we in Manchester intend to continue with workable and effective programmes to win the fight against crime,” he added.
    Chairperson of NCU’s Department of Behavioural Sciences, Dr. Grace Kelly pointed out that the camp would empower the young persons who are participating, and the university would ensure that what is imparted at the camp reaches other sections of the parish in the coming weeks.
    “One of the objectives of the camp is to encourage participants to control their emotions, and empower them where they can make a noticeable difference. This work will continue beyond July 27. Representatives of NCU will be working with schools, churches and other organizations to train peer and para-professional counselors. This will involve parents as we continue this youth empowerment process,” Dr. Kelly informed.
    The Closed to Crime Initiative is a collaborative venture of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, the Lay Magistrates Association, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Ministers Fraternal, NCU, the Manchester Home Coming Foundation and the Central Manchester Returned Citizens’ Association. The initiative is aimed at reducing crime in the parish.
    Participants in the camp were selected from communities that had been identified as areas in need of social intervention.