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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Registrar General’s Department (RGD), Dr. Patricia Holness, has publicly apologised to a customer, Mark Clarke, for the non-delivery of documents by express service, for which he requested and paid.
A letter of apology was also sent to the Jamaica Observer, which published the customer’s complaint in a letter to the Editor on October 14.
“Let me use this opportunity to publicly apologise to the customer for the delay he experienced in receiving his certificates. The RGD, in keeping with the commitment made in its Citizens’ Charter, is dedicated to producing documents within the specified service time agreed with the customer,” Dr. Holness said.
“The RGD examined the electronic Application Tracking System (ATS), and also conducted a thorough review of Mr. Clarke’s case. The RGD has concluded that the delays were unwarranted and will be putting the necessary measures in place, to ensure that there is a minimal chance of this occurring again,” Dr. Holness promised.
She said that Mr. Clarke would be receiving a refund of the fee he paid for the express service.
The CEO pointed out that for the period April to September 2008, her organisation had achieved a 99.9 per cent rate of customer satisfaction. She reported that most instances of late delivery of documents were caused by inadequate information supplied by the applicant.
Dr. Holness said the RGD has a contract with all its couriers to conduct door to door delivery to its customers. However, she is reminding customers that the delivery of certificates is not computed in the fees paid for the certificates and that this is done free of cost.
“One of the tenets of the contract is that all certificates applied for on the express service are to be delivered within 24 hours. If this is not done, the agency recovers the refund from the courier and a lower rate is also paid to them,” Dr. Holness explained.
The CEO, who is also Jamaica’s Deputy Keeper of the Records, noted that Mr. Clarke had expressed concern about the short opening period of the refunds window at RGD offices. She explained that the decision to open for shorter hours was based on a cost and benefit analysis, which showed significant reductions in the number of customers seeking refunds.
Dr. Holness said that as the RGD continues to achieve higher levels of efficiencies, express certificates are being produced in less than three hours and documents ordered under the seven-day service, are now being done in less than five days.
“We welcome the continued feedback from our customers and we encourage them to place their suggestions and observations in the Suggestion Boxes at any of our offices islandwide,” she said.