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    Central High School in Clarendon, has received a sum of $100,000 from Juici Patties, towards the expansion of its playfield.
    Acting Vice Principal of the institution, Uvelyn Daley, told JIS News that the donation will assist in creating a playfield of a comfortable size, that will allow the students to train for the various school-based athletic competitions, in which they generally participate.
    The current size of the area does not afford proper training, and as a consequence, the results are not always up to par.
    “The money will be used in renovating the playfield. In fact, we have never really used the playfield. We had Sports Day here in February, which was the only time it has been used, so we are trying to expand it. We’ve had to rent places, such as Jamalco Sports Club…so we are trying to have our own thing here, to at least take that pressure off the students. They won’t have to pay that fare to go down there,” she informed.
    “I’m hoping they will at least do better than they are doing now. So far, we cannot boast any finals in the Boys’ and Girls’ Champs, so hopefully we’ll get there,” Mrs. Daley said.
    Lovell Williams, who made the presentation on May 18, on behalf of Juici Patties, said the company welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the development of young persons.
    “As an organisation, we are interested in the development of young minds. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the school in this venture. Institutions such as yours, which purchase our products allow us to give back to community development. We believe that the development of the complex could produce bright new athletes and could be the home ground for another world champion athlete,” he said.

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