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The Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ), Central Chapter, participated in Read Across Jamaica Day, with officers visiting the Christiana Moravian Primary and Infant School, in Manchester, on May 5.
Principal of the institution, Paul Baker, in welcoming the PAJ officers, headed by the representative in Central Jamaica, Glendon Baker, said their effort will enhance the school’s endeavours to lift literacy to an acceptable level.
“I am happy that the PAJ is involved in this initiative, and I am particularly pleased to see that the representatives are males. The critical area of literacy within many of our schools is among boys; they are the ones who are under achievers with respect to literacy, and so it is good to see persons who can help them to understand that reading is a very important part of their development,” he said.
Many of the students expressed their gratitude to the PAJ officers for selecting their school, and reading to them.
Grade Six student, Damoney Hendricks, said he felt great that the PAJ officers could visit and read to them. “It is the first time I am seeing persons coming in to read to us. The main thing I am leaving with, is how confidence can help us to excel, and that we should use every day in the class room productively and never waste time,” he said.
Senior teacher at the school, Gloria Lindsay, called on persons to visit schools on a regular basis, and help the teachers to guide the young minds.
“This helps the children to realise more that reading is very important in their journey to success. It reinforces that for them to master any subject, they have to read,” Mrs. Lindsay said.

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