Cell and Cable Broadcasts Needed During Emergencies

Director General of the office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), Ronald Jackson says that his office is in discussion with cellular phone and subscriber television (STV/cable) licensees about informing their customers of impending disasters by posting ODPEM bulletins.
At a meeting with of the multi- agency National Disaster Committee at Jamaica House yesterday, Prime Minister Bruce Golding was informed that amendments to the relevant legislation were being drafted, but at the present time, co-operation was being pursued. Mr. Jackson advised that licensees were being urged to publicise emergency bulletins by using television crawlers and text messaging.
ODPEM has additionally placed two-way radios as communication redundancy infrastructure in five parish councils and in several emergency centres, such as schools that serve disaster-prone communities.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding Chairs the National Disaster Committee. The National telecommunication carriers and cable providers are members.

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