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With an allotment of $1.01 billion to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Members of Parliament (MPs) have been equipped to better serve their constituents.

The funds have been set aside in the 2013/14 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.

This allocation will be used to cover administrative and other operating expenses and provide grants to the 63 MPs for implementing social programmes in their constituencies.

As a designated funding mechanism for constituency projects, the CDF seeks to improve the effectiveness of MPs.

Its main thrust is to promote human and infrastructure development at the community and constituency levels through the establishment of sustainable development projects.

This is done by streamlining economic activities at the constituency level; fostering local governance, including good environmental stewardship; improving service delivery and bring government and the public closer together; and increasing the effectiveness of the elected representative.

To date the Fund has been used to rehabilitate houses for indigents, fix roads, undertake agricultural projects, repair basic schools and community centres, provide back-to-school assistance, and assist with sports and healthy lifestyle projects.

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