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The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is funding the phase of remedial work that is to begin on the Palisadoes strip this week, at a cost of US$500,000.00.
The work, which is being done by two local contractors, is a sub-project of the Cuban project that is being funded by the CDB. The Cuban project, which is part of the Ministry of Transport and Works’ long term plans for the strip, is a road work programme that involves the use of large boulders to create a man-made barrier that will protect the roadway from high sea levels.
Speaking with JIS News, Communications Manager at the Ministry of Transport and Works, Reginald Allen said that there have always been difficulties with the strip whenever there is severe weather or too much rainfall.
“We have had immediate difficulties whenever weather systems arise and there is the continuing medium-term need to properly protect the peninsular, which is the Palisadoes strip roadway,” he said.
He added that the long term solution would appear to be the Cuban project. “It has been adopted and was partially in place until major weather intervened.there is a section of it [strip] that has been done up with huge boulders that has never been penetrated,” he said, adding, “It’s a huge project that will be coming in phases”.
Mr. Allen informed that the Cuban proposal has been submitted to the CDB for major long-term funding. “It has gone through various stages with the CDB to the point where the Bank, in anticipation of approval, had granted a drawdown on that loan, which is about US$500,000,” he informed.
It is this drawdown amount that will be funding the current remedial work on the strip. “There was a 45-day period of mobilization for the funds to be available, so during that time the contractors were sourcing the material and they are now at a point where they can start the work,” he said.
On the matter of constructing overhead bridges at particular points, the Communications Manager informed that costings will be submitted to Minister Michael Henry.
“We have a maximum of five points where we have had problems all the time, with the problem emerging at two all the time, so it will be bridges covering these points and not necessarily five bridges, but he has asked for the costing as an option,” Mr. Allen informed.
Addressing the option of building another roadway, possibly from downtown to pass Fort Augusta prison to the airport, Mr. Allen said it was something to be considered for the future, but would not happen now as the road would be bigger than the causeway bridge. “That has come on the radar.that’s a big one, very much bigger than the causeway bridge. It’s something to be considered but it’s pretty futuristic, it won’t come around the corner very soon,” he said.
Mr. Allen explained that because they have not found any faults with the Cuban project and it is now receiving funding, it will be used. “The Cuban project will bring about a fairly sustainable, long-term solution. where it had been applied so far, there has been absolutely no threat to the road,” he said.

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