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The Child Development Agency (CDA) has been staging a number of cultural events at children’s homes over the past two weeks to showcase the talents of wards of the state.
The events, dubbed ‘Edutainment’ featured folklorists and cultural artistes performing alongside the residents.
Public Relations Officer with the CDA, Dahlia Cole, who spoke to JIS News at a concert held yesterday (May 11) at the Manning Boy’s Home in Southfield, St. Elizabeth, said that the concerts were part of activities by the agency to mark Child’s Month in May.
“This year, we decided that we wanted to expose our children to ‘edutainment’. We wanted culturally uplifting items and presentations that would renew their ties with their heritage and create in them a sense of pride,” she explained.
She said that there is a wealth of talent among children in state homes. “We have rising stars and we have poets and story writers, so we want persons to come in and get a sense of what it is like here and to see that these children are gifted in many ways,” Miss Cole stated.
She informed that other activities for the month include a staff exchange on Children’s Day, May 21.
“Staff from the corporate offices will take over the work of the homes, and staff at the homes will work at the head office. We want everyone, who works with Team CDA, to get an appreciation of how important every job position is. It is to create a culture of harmony, where everyone understands that we are working for the same goal,” she noted.
Manager of the Manning Boy’s Home, Delroy Brown, said that the concert held at the facility, served to “enlighten the residents at the homes, and will help to enhance their growth, and inspire their lives. We have been having frequent visits from various stakeholders, which is a good sign,” Mr. Brown said.
The series of concerts end today with performances at the Glenhope and Homestead places of safety in Kingston.

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