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President of the College of Agriculture Science and Education (CASE), Professor Paul Ivey has announced the college’s intention to offer a scholarship to the child of a beneficiary of Food For The Poor run Rural Economic Agricultural Programme (REAP).
He made the announcement at a recent exposition at the St. Dorothy’s Anglican Church, in Church Pen, Old Harbour. The expo was held to highlight the success of the rural small farmer assistance programme and showcase how farmers have had their lives improved through training and the provision of farm tools and implements, as well as seeds donated by Food for the Poor.
Professor Ivey pointed out that the scholarship was important “.because when one looks at the quality of the produce that is displayed it means that this needs to be perpetuated and this is a means by which CASE will do it,” he said.
He added that the college was looking forward to “the continuation of our partnership with our strategic partners in the furtherance of Jamaica’s agricultural sector and to improve the welfare and economic situation of our rural farm families.”
REAP, in its third year of existence and primarily a small farmer assistance programme, is jointly sponsored by Food for the Poor and the United States Department of Agriculture and assists some 93,000 farmers islandwide. It aims to stimulate production among small farmers by providing farm tools and seeds and extension services. The programme also facilitates the indigent, orphans, the handicapped, inner-city residents and unemployed youth.

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