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The College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) in Portland, has been providing valuable support to the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, as that organization continues to mould the lives of young Jamaicans to make them into responsible and independent citizens.
Over the years, CASE has functioned as a training facility for the Portland 4-H Club, providing two acres of land on the eastern side of the campus for agricultural training for clubbites in preparation for the annual parish achievement day exercise, as well as for their own professional development.
The land has been planted with breadfruit, pimento, naseberry and other tree crops, with the maintenance being done by the college.
CASE also serves as the venue for the parish achievement day, which this year, will feature 21 competitive events and a number of sporting and demonstration activities.
Linton Barnes, Manager of Field Services and Economic Development at the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, expressed his organisation’s gratitude to CASE for its contribution to the development of clubbities in Portland.
He told JIS News, that the training provided by the college, complemented other development initiatives such as the poultry distribution and school garden projects.
According to Mr. Barnes, these projects served to develop the skills of the clubbites and achieve significant earnings for the clubs in the parish.
John Lamey, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at CASE, told JIS News that the college was pleased to be able to provide the support, noting that the farm established by the cubbities, was also a valuable training ground for students of the college.

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