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Computer training at the Cascade Primary and Junior High School in Portland has been boosted significantly, with the recent presentation of 11 lap top computers to the institution by a past student.

The donation, which was made recently by Herbert Wallen, Regional Director for Product Marketing at the Boeing Aircraft Company in Washington D.C., in the United States, brings to 11 the number of computers serving the laboratory. Some 10 desk top computers were also given to the school by Mr. Wallen in 2002.

Principal of the school, Lydia Grapine, told JIS News that Mr. Wallen was also assisting the school to procure a multi-media projector to assist both teachers and students in the various subjects taught at the school.

She noted that the computers would go a far way to enable the computer laboratory to provide quality training, and pointed out that it was also intended to acquire related equipment, including video machines, DVDs, a laminating machine and to provide Internet service to aid the teaching process.

Mrs. Grapine explained that the acquisition of the equipment would make the teachers less reliant on the use of the chalk, while conducting their classes, and that the school’s extension programme would be able to provide computer training for members of the wider community.

Thanking Mr. Wallen for the assistance he has been giving to the institution, the Principal said the staff and Parent Teachers Association (PTA) have also been planning a number of activities, aimed at raising funds to acquire the equipment needed for the development of the computer laboratory.

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