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CARICOM Heads at a meeting with Chilean President Ricardo Largos on Monday (Jan. 12) have mandated an early meeting of the CARICOM/CHILE Joint Commission to examine new avenues for further bilateral cooperation between Chile and the countries of the region. CARICOM Chairman, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson noted that while there have been some accomplishments arising from the work of the Joint Commission, much more remains to be achieved.
Areas to be considered for further cooperation include the teaching of languages, information technology and support for the development of micro enterprises. President Largos stated that Chile’s relationship with CARICOM was significant as there are increasing challenges as a result of globalisation and countries in the hemisphere would have to face them together. He urged CARICOM countries to identify areas in which all parties could collaborate.
Meanwhile, CARICOM Heads are in agreement with the Chilean President that there is need for a review of the operations of several hemispheric institutions, stating that this would significantly improve the manner in which decisions are arrived at and issues resolved within the hemisphere.
Prime Minister Patterson stated that it would require some dialogue at the level of Heads to examine the relationships between countries in the hemisphere. “If we talk about a global world and a global family, then all members of the global family should have a say,” the Prime Minister added.
CARICOM Heads attending the Special Session of the Summit of the Americas in Monterrey, Mexico have also held bilateral meetings with Mexican President Vicente Fox, Costa Rican President Abel Pacheco and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. Heads are scheduled to meet with United States President George Bush later this afternoon on matters relating to the Third Border Initiative.

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