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Efforts at enhancing Caribbean inter-regional trade are likely to be boosted with the drafting of documentation outlining the import/export needs and capacities of CARICOM member states.
Drafting of the document was commissioned by CARICOM, at the request of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED), Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr. Donovan Stanberry, told JIS News.
He said that the exercise is being spearheaded by Trinidad and Tobago’s Agriculture Minister, Senator Arnold Piggot, and is expected to incorporate details of the production output and demands of each of the 15 CARICOM states.
Pointing out that each country will receive a copy of the document, Mr. Stanberry said this would ensure that each state has the necessary systems in place to allow for trade in these products.
“We’re trying to be a little bit more proactive. Once we know the standards, we can get our producers in the various countries to (comply),” he explained.
The Permanent Secretary pointed out that Jamaica has expressed an interest to trade in products such as patties, chicken, sweet potatoes and peppers because of excess capacity and the need to export. While noting that all but two countries have forwarded the information requested, he said that work on the document is “very advanced” and a preliminary document has already been drafted and was presented during COTED’s 33rd meeting in Suriname in March, which focused on agriculture.
Mr. Stanberry said he believed that by the time of the next COTED meeting, the document will be finalised and ready for distribution.

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