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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has called on the United Nations Security Council to immediately intervene in Haiti to end the violence in the country and restore law and order.
Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, K. D. Knight, speaking at the UN headquarters in New York on February 26, said the “need for decisive action is paramount.”
He stated that the continued unrest in Haiti was a threat to the security of the region and was of concern to the international community. “The immediate need now is for the Security Council to authorize the urgent deployment of a multinational force to assist with the restoration of law and order, to facilitate a return to stability and to create an environment in which the continuing efforts to find a solution to the political crisis can be pursued.”
Haiti’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Jean Alexandre, highlighted the fact that the Haitian police force was no longer able to maintain public order and joined CARICOM’s request for UN intervention.
Ambassador Alexandre stated that it was his government’s hope that the international community would do its utmost to ensure that a democratic and peaceful resolution be found.
Frederick Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Public Service of the Bahamas, maintained that if concrete steps were not taken to assist Haiti that, ” we would all be condoning a creeping attempt to overthrow the government of Haiti by force.”
Citing the successes of past UN peacekeeping missions in Haiti, Minister Knight welcomed a proposal from UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to appoint a Special Advisor to Haiti, who would promote increased UN engagement in resolving the rapidly deteriorating situation in the country.
In closing, Minister Knight urged the members of the Security Council to “collectively . come to the support of the people of Haiti in their hour of need, and to meet their urgent requirements at this critical time.”
Security Council President, Wang Guangya of China, reiterated the Council’s support of the efforts of CARICOM and the Organization of American States saying, “the Security Council is deeply concerned with the prospect of further violence in Haiti and acknowledges the call for international involvement.”
Ambassador Wang pledged that the Council would “consider urgently the options for international engagement, including that of sending an international force.”