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Irwine Clare, Head of the New York-based Caribbean Immigrant Services (CIS), has urged Caribbean nationals in the United States to seek to become citizens of the country. Mr. Clare issued the challenge during his address at the Caribbean American Organisation of Youth Development’s fundraiser, which was held in the Bronx on the weekend.
Pointing to what he described as the ongoing “social security debacle,” Mr. Clare warned that as resources become more scarce, only those with a vote would have a voice in how the limited resources were allocated.”Today is the day to go out and become a citizen, not for yourself but for your children and the protection of what you are working for here in this country. If you are sitting here with a green card and think all is well, it’s not well because every day, the benefits of a green card holder becomes less and less,” he warned.
Mr. Clare praised the organisation for its assistance to the region in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, noting that it had played a critical role in the relief efforts only a few months after its formation. He also encouraged the directors to get the youth involved in the programmes of the organisation.
The Caribbean American Organization for Youth Development was founded in April 2004, by a group of dedicated Jamaicans with the shared concern for the future and well-being of Jamaica and motivated by the single desire to contribute to the socio-economic development and empowerment of youth in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.
According to President Horace Burchell, the immediate aim of the organisation was to assist those persons in Jamaica and the Caribbean region whose lives were adversely affected by hurricanes this year.
He pointed out that the organisation would encourage constructive discussions towards community development through regular workshops and cultural exchange programmes for youth leaders within and outside its membership.