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Jamaica has been chosen as the site for the permanent headquarters of the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists (CAP).
President of CAP, Ellen Campbell Grizzle, made the official announcement at an awards ceremony held last night (Nov. 22) at the University of Technology, to highlight outstanding innovations in pharmacy.
The country was given the green light to establish CAP headquarters after a successful proposal bid in Guyana, which saw other countries from the English, French and Dutch-speaking Caribbean also making submissions.
Once the necessary requirements have been met and approval has been granted by the relevant authorities, CAP will be located at 41 Lady Musgrave Road in Kingston. With the establishment of the headquarters in Jamaica, the 29 year-old organization will finally settle in one territory, said Mrs.Grizzle, who is also the first Jamaican president of CAP.
CAP is the umbrella organization for pharmacists in the Caribbean. The body facilitates training programmes to advance skills in areas such as pharmaco-economics, medication adherence, substance abuse prevention and contraceptive technology.
Minister of Health, John Junor, in his remarks at the function, commended President Grizzle and her team for winning the bid and noted that CAP would have an integral role to play in the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).
“CAP is integral to the initiation and successful harmonization of the pharmacy practice throughout the Caribbean. The CSME will catalyse the unrestricted movement of goods, services, skills and capital throughout the region resulting in a single market.
CAP is integral to the process because it is committed to harmonization and also because it is the only organization that speaks for Caribbean pharmacists,” Minister Junor outlined.
He added that as a regional body, CAP would be expected to provide creative leadership to improve the pharmacy profession.
Meanwhile, the Health Minister pointed out that the training of pharmacists continued to be a major priority in the delivery of health care and the National Health Fund (NHF) has approved an overall training budget of $390 million for pharmacists.
He noted also, that UTech had added a degree programme for working pharmacists and further congratulated Dr. Grace-Allen Young, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, who recently received her PHD in Pharmacy.
UTech was officially recognized and awarded with the HIC Lowe Award as well as the Eureka Trophy from CARIMED for its achievement in innovations in Pharmacy.