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Carib Engineering Corporation Limited has made significant strides in improving the provision of potable water to small communities across the island. Minister of State for Water and Housing, Harry Douglas, in his contribution to the 2005/06 Sectoral Debate in Parliament on July 20, pointed to a number of projects now underway to improve availability of water supplies.
He informed, that with the completion of the pipeline contract for the Huddersfield/Mango Valley water supply, the second phase of the project, which involves the installation of pumping equipment is now in progress and is slated for completion at the end of September.
In St. Catherine, work has been ongoing on the Princessfield distribution system, while the installation of distribution pipelines and service connections have been completed in the West Prospect area. The Darliston Treatment Plant is to be completed by July 30, to add an additional 2.0 million gallons per day at Roaring River. Meanwhile, the Redwood Water Supply project, which involved the installation of pipelines and the equipping of booster station, is to be competed by August 31.
Also, in St. Catherine, the Colbeck/Planters Water Supply project, which involves the installation of a pumping plant and storage tanks, will be completed at the end of December 2005.
Giving an update on the four pilot projects being undertaken under the International Development Bank (IDB)/Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Rural Water Supply Programme, Mr. Douglas said that the Cotterwood project in St. Elizabeth will be completed in November 2005 and will provide water to Cotterwood, Fyffes Pen and its environs.
Work on the other three systems – Yallahs/Pamphret in St. Thomas, Mile Gully in St. Mary and Gravel Hill in Clarendon – is in progress and should be completed in the next fiscal year.

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