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The homeless and mentally challenged in Junction and its environs will continue to enjoy a better quality of life at the Care Centre in that St. Elizabeth town.
Although it has been operating since March 2009, the Junction Centre was officially opened on Wednesday (April 22) at a ceremony held on the grounds of the Junction Health Centre.
The facility was established out of a resolution passed in 2007 by the Parish Care Committee, to set up outreach centres in Junction and Santa Cruz to cater to the needs of the mentally challenged and homeless in these areas.
Chairperson for the Junction Care Committee and Vice Chairperson for the Parish Care Committee, Beryl Rochester, said that following the passing of the resolution to establish the outreach centres, permission was sought from the Southern Regional Health Authority to utilise a section of the premises, which housed the Junction Health Centre and that,”we quickly formed the Junction Care Committee in the second quarter of 2007″.
The committee, which comprises members of the religious fraternity, medical professionals, and other members of the wider community in St. Elizabeth has laid out a number of objectives which it hopes to achieve. These are: to ensure that each homeless person receives a hot meal on a regular basis, is provided with a change of clothing on a regular basis, have regular baths and other hygienic care, and receives medication on a regular basis.
“We are a committed, passionate group of volunteers from all walks of life. We are dedicated to those living on the street. We have grown so much that it’s unbelievable and in tribute to the people, we are really just a small representation of the many warm good people with such big hearts who live in these parts of St. Elizabeth,” Mrs. Rochester remarked.
In order to get the project underway Mrs. Rochester said that letters were written to the business community, and in June 2007 the committee took to the streets of Junction soliciting donations. “We were overwhelmed and amazed by the support and the level of interest which was generated. In no time at all we had gotten cash and pledges for 90 per cent of the items which were required to commence operations,” she said.
With the help of donations the Junction Care Centre is able to operate once per week, offering hygienic care, a hot meal, medical attention, counselling and Christian fellowship.
“Our facilities include a well equipped kitchen, an office for the health professionals, a sick bay, a recreation room, male and female bathrooms, a laundry area and a storeroom, all donated,” she informed.

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