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A Community Access Point (CAP), to facilitate internet access by residents in the Ewarton community of St. Catherine, has been established at the Ewarton Sports Complex.
It will also provide printing and photo-copying services, which community members may need.
The facility was officially opened at a handing over ceremony, held on December 18. State Minister in the Ministry of Mining and Telecommunications, Laurence Broderick, assisted by Member of Parliament for North West St. Catherine, Robert Pickersgill, cut the ribbon to open the building.
The site was provided by the Mining and Telecommunications Ministry, while the community provided a container to set up the facility.
Additionally, the community developed a business management plan for the CAP and selected persons to manage it. The Ewarton Community Development Action Committee (ECODAC), will oversee operations at the site.
Speaking at the ceremony, Projects Manager in the Ministry, Richard Gordon, pointed out that the project was a collaborative effort between the Ministry and ECODAC.
“The idea is that the facility here will give the community members an introduction to computing and ICT, and teach you to catch a fish, not necessarily give you a fish, so at the end of the day, you become computer literate, computer numerate and computer competent,” Mr. Gordon said.
He said the Ministry was eager to find other communities that are interested in establishing CAP sites. So far, 12 sites have been established islandwide.
Mr. Gordon encouraged community members to contact the HEART Trust/National Training Agency (NTA), which could assist in the design, training and certification programmes at the facility.

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