JIS News

Senior Trade Commissioner at the Canadian High Commission, Rick McElrea, has pledged to help strengthen educational links between Jamaica and Canada that would build local capability in major sought-after industries.

"I intend to spend a lot of my energy over the next three years that I am here, to create stronger relationships between Canadian universities and Jamaican universities," he stated while addressing the annual awards banquet of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce held recently at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville.

According to the Canadian Trade Commissioner, "It is the young people, who are going to be in the businesses of the future (such as) clean energy, IT, biotechnology, and there is no reason why your country can’t be a leader in one of those. You just need the young people to be educated in those things and to have the opportunity,which means you need somebody to set up those kinds of facilities here."

In the meantime, the Mandeville Chamber of Commerce presented awards to a number of institutions and one individual for excellence and quality service in various areas.

The Manchester Potato Growers Cooperative Association was awarded for innovation in agriculture; Manchester Co-operative Credit Union for commerce and manufacturing; Manchester High School for education; National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) for health; Golf View Hotel for hospitality; Northern Caribbean University (NCU) for science and technology; and  Nesta Carter for excellence in sports.