JIS News

The annual medical visit by a Canadian group to the eye-care clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Morant Bay, St. Thomas, got underway today (Jan. 29).
Dan Williamson, Chairman of the Canadian Friends of St. Thomas Healthcare Organisation (CFSTHO) told JIS News that the clinic will end on Friday, February 2.The Canadian eye-care specialists are optometrists Dr. Carolyn Jarrett and Dr. Randal Pauls, and optician German Cuartas. CFSTHO President Andrea Wilkie and member Fay Lawrence will assist in the clinic.
“The doctors will be conducting eye examinations and recommending treatment for about 200 patients,” said Mr. Williamson who is coordinating the trip.
The Canadians will also transport to Jamaica some 1,000 eyeglasses to distribute to patients, and two pieces of specialized equipment to assist them – an Autorefractor and a Tonometer, used in the diagnosis of glaucoma.
“We are all looking forward to once again serving the residents of St. Thomas,” said Mr. Williamson, who noted that his group has been conducting the clinics since 1999, and has helped at least 200 persons on each visit.
St. Thomas Healthcare Organization was formed in 1984 by former residents of the parish now living in Canada and seeks to provide assistance to Jamaica’s health sector and in particular, the residents of St. Thomas.