JIS News

Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan, is reporting that the crime situation in the Tredegar Park and Gravel Heights communities, in St. Catherine, has calmed down dramatically.
Speaking at a press briefing on January 27, at the Ministry of National Security, in Kingston, the Minister said that the police have identified a person of interest, who is suspected of being responsible for the flare-up of violence in the area.
“There is one person who is still being looked for, a certain gentleman who created the whole problem. He was nearly caught last week and I believe the police have closed the net on him and the situation has calmed down dramatically,” he informed, adding that the military would still maintain its presence in the community.
“At this point, there is a military group stationed there,” Senator MacMillan informed.
Late last year, sections of the troubled St. Catherine communities of Gravel Heights and Tredegar Park were affected by violence, mainly perpetrated by gunmen.