CAC Urges Consumers to be Vigilant When Buying Vehicles

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is emphasizing the need for consumers to take caution when purchasing used vehicles as this is the area where the Commission has received most of its complaints.
Chief Executive Officer at the CAC, Dolsie Allen told JIS News that for the financial year, the Commission has received approximately 199 complaints and secured in excess of $12 million on behalf of aggrieved consumers in this regard.
“We are encouraging consumers to be more responsible in their purchase decisions and disposing of funds especially with high value investments such as motor vehicles,” Mrs. Allen advised.
She noted that a lot of the complaints that have come into the Commission have to do with “persons not doing adequate due just decide that you need a vehicle.get the money and almost just hand it over to the vendors sometimes without even getting a receipt”.
She added that complaints have been lodged to the Commission about persons making down payments in excess of a million dollars for a vehicle without getting a receipt as proof.
The CEO stressed the need for a certified or experienced mechanic to be present during the time of transaction and/or purchase to assess the vehicle and identify any existing problems and defects.
Mrs. Allen disclosed that the Commission is presently in negotiation with the Used Car Dealers Association to sign on to a ‘code of conduct’ which will outline the expectations of vendors and consumers and the redress mechanisms. It is hoped that the document will come into effect by the start of the new financial year.

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