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On Monday (July 27), the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) will commence its annual textbook survey, to provide the public with a price list of books available in shops across the island.
Addressing a JIS Think Tank session Thursday (July 23), Director of the CAC’s Western Region, Pash Fuller, pointed out that the survey aids the public in ascertaining the prices and availability of textbooks at the primary and secondary levels.
“It is an attempt to provide information to the public, and also eases the pressure, in terms of determining where they can go to obtain these books, as they plan their back-to-school activities,” he explained.
Mr. Fuller said that there are 130 textbooks on the survey list, 89 of which are at the secondary level and 41 at the primary level. A total of 64 outlets will be surveyed, covering the Corporate Area and the main towns in every parish.
Explaining the process, he said, come next week, CAC survey officers will be visiting book shops to check the texts that are available and the prices, and record the information. By August 10, he said, all information and data would be collated and made available to the public.
The Director pointed out that the findings from the survey, including the prices, will be posted on the CAC’s website, www.consumeraffairsjamaica.gov.jm, and published in the print media. All media will be provided with the information, in order to assist with the dissemination of the findings.
In terms of the support from the bookstores, Mr. Fuller said that the owners are co-operating, not only in terms of providing information, but they sometimes provide personnel in the shop to assist surveyors in garnering the information.
For further information on the textbook survey or back-to-school tips, persons may call the CAC at 978-4998 / 927-8358 or visit their website.

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