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  • Development of proposed strategic laws for reformed local governance has been completed.
  • The reform process being pursued will see the creation of the Local Governance Act.
  • The laws will equip the local authorities with greater autonomy.

Cabinet is expected to receive a draft of proposed amendments to legislations governing parish council operations from Local Government and Community Development Minister, Hon. Noel Arscott, shortly.

The Minister, who made the disclosure at a Social Development Commission (SDC) community conference in Mandeville, Manchester, on October 2, said development of the “long awaited” proposed strategic laws for reformed local governance process has been completed.

He informed that the reform process being pursued entails proposed amalgamation of the Kingston and St. Andrew, Parish Council, and Municipalities Acts into one legislation – the Local Governance Act.

Enactment of the Local Government Financing and Financial Management, and Local Government Unified Services and Employment Acts, are also being put forward.

These, the Minister explained, are intended to equip the local authorities with greater autonomy and responsibility to administer their affairs. They are also intended to formalize the involvement of organizations, such as parish and community development committees in the local governance process.

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