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Cabinet has received an interim report on the Kennedy Grove Housing Development in Clarendon, which was inundated with rising water levels, following unprecedented rainfall in October of last year.This was announced by Information Minister, Senator Burchell Whiteman, at the weekly post Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, yesterday (January 23).

The Minister pointed out that the interim report resulted from instructions issued by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, who had ordered that a report be done. Providing additional details, the Minster advised journalists that the report “indicated that while some amelioration measures have been pursued and there has been dialogue with the citizens, there are some further steps to be taken”.

Mr. Whiteman informed that a final report was due for completion by mid-February, and the Prime Minister has asked that it be made public.The Minister said that until the report is completed, the Prime Minister has issued a directive that a complete review of the joint venture housing policy of the government be undertaken. “While that review is being done and until it has been before the Cabinet, accepted, processed, dealt with and becomes policy, there will be no further receipt of, or processing of applications for joint venture schemes,” he pointed out. “The Minister of Water and Housing has been so advised and will take it under instruction.the exception would be any current applications which have reached the point of finalisation, having met all the safeguards and secured the necessary approvals,” Senator Whiteman said.

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