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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says his 15-member Cabinet is not exempt from public sector restructuring. Mr Golding noted that under the constitution the Cabinet cannot be less than twelve. He was responding to questions from guests at the Scotia DBG investment seminar in Kingston on March 19.
“That decision is not going to be made until we have signed off on a decision coming out of the recommendations from the Public Sector Transformation Unit (PSTU). Those recommendations are now being considered.”
The Prime Minister however noted that the real savings would be made by looking at the functions within ministries, departments and agencies.
“Cutting the Cabinet doesn’t remove the functional areas, and the personnel that are required in those areas that fall under the Minister. They (PSTU) are actually recommending merging some government agencies, privatizing some government functions, so that you can actually collapse an agency and take it out altogether. That is where the savings will come. They are awaiting a decision from us based on their recommendations so that they can now go to the next stage which is to determine the staffing we need in each of these reconfigured agencies and what the costs will be.”

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