JIS News

Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has informed that Cabinet has given its approval, for a 25 per cent increase in the stipend payable to Jamaican students on scholarships in Cuba.
This will move the allowance from US$100 to US$125 per month. Mr. Golding also said that this monthly stipend will be paid to all Jamaican students awarded scholarships by the Cuban Government.
“This will include those students who have benefitted from special arrangements with the People’s National Party and trade unions as well as those undergoing the one year preparatory course,” Mr Golding said during a statement to the House of Representatives yesterday (Aug. 26).
For many years the Government of the Republic of Cuba has awarded tertiary level scholarships to Jamaican students, under bilateral technical assistance agreements between the Governments of Cuba and Jamaica.
Under these arrangements, the Cuban Government provides tuition, accommodation and course related supplies, plus the equivalent of US$5 per month.
Previously, the Jamaican Government provided a stipend of US$100 per month each, to students who have been awarded scholarships under the bilateral programmes and who execute the required bond with the Jamaican Government. This currently applies to 184 students enrolled at tertiary institutions in Cuba.
Also, Jamaican students in Cuba, engaged in the one-year preparatory course prior to registration in their respective disciplines, received no financial assistance from the Government. These currently number 23.