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Cabinet Approves Leasing of FM 90 Frequency to NNN
Cabinet has approved the lease of the FM 90 frequency to the Nationwide News Network Ltd (NNN).
The frequency is reserved for the use of the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica. Due to the assignment of KOOL FM to the public broadcasting entity, Government decided to lease the frequency in response to a proposal received from Nationwide News Network to provide public broadcasting services.
Cabinet approved the lease of the frequency on the understanding that NNN would provide programming which is in keeping with Government’s policy and commitment to the mandate as set out in the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ) Act. Nationwide will be required to provide “public broadcasting services of high quality both as to transmission and to the matter transmitted. And shall provide public broadcasting services designed to promote the dissemination of news, information and ideas on matters of general public interest; the vitality of democratic institutions and integrity in public and private life”.
Nationwide will be required to make payments for the access and use of the frequency reserved for the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica. This frequency is not one of the two unassigned and available in the FM broadcast spectrum.
The proposal from Nationwide was referred to the National Contracts Commission, which ruled that the “proposal is an economic opportunity”, which needed to be “referred to the Cabinet for a Policy Decision from the Government to proceed”. Cabinet subsequently gave its approval.
The agreement will be formalized shortly after which further details will be announced.
Nationwide News Network has received notification from the Minister of Information that the Broadcasting Commission has advised that they have met the requirements for the award of aPublic Service Commercial island-wide licence.

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