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Cabinet has approved over US$1.4 million for the supply of piping material to be used in repairing Petrojam Limited’s main offshore docking facility.
Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Hon Daryl Vaz, made the announcement at Wednesday’s (September 15) Post Cabinet press briefing, at Jamaica House
TSC Supply Company has been contracted to provide pipes, fittings and valves to allow for piping to be routed to Petrojam’s refinery. The contract also covers freight charges, as well as other services including the cost for a representative to receive the goods and ensure proper documentation.
Mr. Vaz also informed that another contract for the inspection of dock pipelines has been awarded to Dacon Inspection Services. It includes inspecting Petrojam’s subsea pipelines, which transport crude oil from the docking facility to the refinery.
In June 2009, Petrojam’s docking facilities suffered significant damage after a petroleum tanker, the M/T Great News, collided with the dock. Approximately 65 per cent of the dock was damaged hampering the company’s operations.

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