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Cabinet on Monday (Nov.17), approved contracts valued at US$15.6 million and US$415,000, to Hazama Corporation of Japan, for the development of ground water sources in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.
Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator Dwight Nelson, who made the announcement at today’s (Nov.19) post-Cabinet media briefing at Jamaica House, said that the area of greater Spanish Town, which is growing at approximately three times the national average, has an aged water supply infrastructure, which has very serious implications for the maintenance of public health standards in the area.
The works to be carried out under the 18-month contract includes: the development of wells at Ariguanabo and Angels, produce an additional 5.31 imperial million gallons of water per day; construction of a chlorine contact balancing storage tank at Angels; and construction of a storage reservoir, multi-pump re-lift station and associated works at the Spanish Town Water Treatment Plant.
Senator Nelson noted that the contract, which is being financed by the National Water Commission and through a low interest loan from the Japan Bank of International Corporation, also provides for the installation of 26.6 kilometres of main transmission pipelines for the supply of water.
“It is hoped that the improvements provided by the works under this contract, will allow for a better water supply to the afore-mentioned areas and ensure that the health of the residents is properly addressed,” Minister Nelson stated.
In the meantime, Cabinet also approved the award of a $35.5 million contract for the drilling of two production wells at Duffs House and Rose Corner in Manchester. This contract was awarded to Jamaica Wells and Services Limited. The works under this contract form part of the National Irrigation Development Programme, which has, among its objectives, an increased irrigation area of about 1,700 hectares, which will benefit about 1,000 farmers.
“Similarly, a contract valued at $65 million was also awarded to the same contractor for the drilling of three production wells at Plumwood Lane and New Forest in Manchester,” Senator Nelson informed.
A $30 million contract was also approved for the construction of 9.5 kilometres of transmission pipeline for the Christiana Water Supply Scheme. The contract was awarded to Bacchus Engineering and Works Limited.
“The scope of works under this contract, will see the provision of all labour, plant materials and management, necessary for a reliable water supply transmission from the intersection at Alston along the Tweedside main road to Pecham, ending just beyond the intersection with the Frankfield main road in Clarendon,” Senator Nelson informed.
Cabinet also approved a contract for US$1.96 million for the erection of one ethanol and one gasoline storage tank at the Petrojam Montego Bay Terminal. This contract was awarded to Chicago Bridge and Iron Jamaica Limited.

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