JIS News

Cabinet on (November 1), approved two contracts valued at $55.25 million for the supply of school furniture and equipment to basic, infant, primary, all-Age and secondary Schools across the island.
Speaking at the post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, Minister of Information and Development, Donald Buchanan, pointed out that funds for the project would be provided through the Education Transformation Programme.
“The first contract, which amounts to $30,774,803.51, has been awarded to Rayton Electric Commercial Equipment Limited for the supply of some 3,500 stationery cupboards, which are in fact metal cabinets, for distribution to the institutions,” Mr. Buchanan said. “Barnett Metal and Fabrication Limited has been awarded the second contract in the amount of $24,475,000 to provide desk and chairs for distribution to Basic, Infant, Primary, All-age, Junior and High Schools,” Minister Buchanan further informed. He emphasized that this was part of the commitment by the Government towards the Education Transformation Programme.
“This is to ensure that we are providing the physical infrastructure, which is part of the requirement for the Education Transformation Programme, which will bring better learning facilities for both the children and the teachers,” the Minister explained.