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Cabinet has approved a contract in the amount of $649.28 million to Musson Jamaica Limited for the procurement of motor-vehicle licence plates for Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) for a period of two years.

This is contained in a Ministry Paper tabled in the House of Representatives on June 6.

The document notes that the TAJ is moving to a system of distance/camera readable licence plates employing Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

“However, as this transition has not yet been completed, the TAJ needed to renew the contract for one year to ensure a continued supply of licence plates, pending the implementation of the revised Road Traffic Act,” the Ministry Paper said.

Meanwhile, Cabinet approved the award of a contract in the amount of US$1,750,000 to Ocean Dredging DS Inc. for the dredging of the Petrojam Main Dock and EKT Dock.

The dredging activities will improve the capability of the Petrojam docks to accommodate larger ships.

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