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Cabinet this week approved the appointment of new members to the Board of the Natural History Division, for three years, effective December 15.
They are: Professor Ronald Young, Chairman; Marigold Harding, Deputy Chairperson; Tracey Cammock, Director of the Natural History Division; Dr. Eric Garraway, Department of Life Sciences, at the University of the West Indies (UWI); Althea Heron, Ministry of Tourism; John Maxwell, Environmental Specialist; Laleta Davis Mattis, Executive Director, Jamaica National Heritage Trust; and Vivian Crawford, Executive Director, Institute of Jamaica.
Other members are: Peter Knight, Director of Environmental Health, Ministry of Health; Merline Bardowell, Executive Director, National Commission on Science and Technology, Office of the Prime Minister; Catherine Levy, Bird Specialist; Dr. Arthur Geddes, Geologist at the UWI; Susan Otukon, Executive Director, Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust; Cecily Pobish, Botanist; and Doreth McFarlane, Science Teacher, Denham Town Primary School, in Kingston.
The Natural History Division falls under the Institute of Jamaica.

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