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Cabinet has approved a sum of $27.55 million for the purchase of commodities to provide cooked lunches for the nation’s students under the Government’s School Feeding Programme.
An additional $20.81 million has also been approved for the purchase of 640 drums of butter oil from Beta Milk Company Limited in St. Catherine, for use in the Nutribun component of the Programme.
The commodities, which are to be purchased from T. Geddes Grant (Distributors) in Kingston, comprise 13,000 bags of long grain rice for $12.79 million; 4,000 bags of counter flour, $4.17 million; 4,000 bags of cornmeal, $2.32 million; 2,000 bags of corned beef, $2.17 million; and 5,000 pails of vegetable oil, $6.11 million.
Implemented by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, the School Feeding Programme is intended to meet a critical need by providing dietary support to students who are nutritionally at risk.
Last school year, there were 456,000 students benefiting from the programme.

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