JIS News

Cabinet yesterday (May 15), gave approval for 10 civil works contracts totalling some $1 billion, for routine maintenance of roads to be undertaken in the parishes of Westmoreland, Manchester, St. Catherine, St. Thomas and Portland.
Information and Development Minister, Senator Colin Campbell, made this disclosure at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing held at Jamaica House.
According to the Minister, the contracts, which are funded under the Inter-American Development Bank/Government of Jamaica’s National Road Services Improvement Programme (NRSIP), would involve several maintenance activities.
He explained that the work to be done in the five targeted parishes would include pothole patching, crack sealing, spot sealing, deep patching, levelling/sheet patching, roadway edging and landslip removal.
Additionally, the road maintenance work would also cover shoulder repair, correction of minor surface erosion defects, fencing, bushing, mowing grass, repair of sidewalks, landscaping, weeding, ditch cleaning, repair of drains, culvert cleaning, bridge spot painting, and traffic sign maintenance.
Mr. Campbell also noted that a similar road maintenance programme would get underway in the near future, which will be funded by allocations from the European Development Fund (EDF), in the amount of 10 million Euros.
The EDF-funded programme, he said, is being designed for the remaining nine parishes and would involve contracts that would last for three years.