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The Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston is reporting that all is back to normal, with its electricity now fully restored.
The hospital, which had heavy traffic during the severe conditions related to Hurricane Ivan, experienced no interruption in the delivery of service.
Gloria Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at the Bustamante Hospital told JIS News that the hospital was able to maintain its service delivery due to its emergency power plant, as well as the excellent preparations made by the hospital, which had a full stock of both medical and food supplies.
In addition, she said that having a full staff complement in attendance at the hospital during the hurricane, contributed significantly to the smooth operation of the hospital.
“I want to commend the staff at the hospital in particular, because they were all present at the hospital during the hurricane. The complete staff was at work, and they remained there during the unstable weather,” she informed.
As for the water supply at the hospital, Miss Robinson said for the duration of the ordeal, the institution had water.
Commenting on the heavy traffic at the hospital during the hurricane, Miss Robinson stated that more than 60 children were treated at the casualty department on September 11, with a significant amount treated for asthma.
The CEO also disclosed that there was minimal damage to the hospital. “There were leaks here and there caused by the strong wind pushing against the windows,” she said, adding that the leaks would require attention.

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