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Bustamante High School, Lionel Town, Clarendon has honoured 22 persons for long service to the institution.
They were honoured on Wednesday (December 16) at a ceremony at the Juici Patties Banquet Hall, Clarendon Park, Clarendon, as part of the school’s 40th Anniversary celebrations.
The honourees served the school for between 15 and 37 years, in various areas including academics, administration and ancillary.
Minister of Health Hon. Rudyard Spencer, noted that the institution carries the name of one of Jamaica’s greatest sons The Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, who fought for the upliftment of its people and the betterment of the working class.
He suggested that, as the school reflects on the work of Sir Alexander, recognition must also be given to those who have served the institution over the years.
“Sir Alexander Bustamante was a courageous advocate for the poor and the powerless, an unrelenting voice of the downtrodden and, as we seek to reflect on this great man, it must be done against the background of what is happening in our society today and this is where we must recognise the service given by these stalwarts,” he said.
He urged Bustamante High to create for itself an iconic presence on the education landscape. He also implored the school community to go back to the drawing board and seek to chart a “bigger, brighter” future for the school.
He said that the school must also stand as a beacon of hope for Lionel Town and the parish of Clarendon, and that the rest of the country must see it as an example of discipline and scholarship.
Gladys McDonald, replying on behalf of the honourees, said that they have reflected on the many significant achievements of the school and, as stakeholders, have pushed themselves to accept only the best in spite of the challenges they faced.
“We reflected on events such as improved passes in CXC examinations, achievements in sports and national competitions and also successes in cultural and social programmes and fundraising exercises,” she said.
She added that the years of service with the school have changed their lives significantly.

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