JIS News

The China-Caribbean Trade Fair and Forum, which will be held from February 2-5 2005, will provide a golden opportunity for private sector interests in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean to widen their scope of operations and forge business ties.
Speaking with JIS News, Robert Stephens, Senior Vice President at the Port Authority of Jamaica and chairman of the planning committee for the events, informed that a booklet listing Caribbean participants, who have registered for the trade fair and forum, would be compiled by the Chinese companies and will form the basis of future discussions. Early registration is therefore crucial.
“The earlier you register the better, because it is more likely that you will get into the booklet, which will be distributed to all of the Chinese companies, and you will have a better opportunity to make appointments with the businessmen one-on-one”, Mr. Stephens said.
He pointed out further, “if persons wait until too late, all of the slots for business meetings might have already been taken up, so they may not get to meet with the specific companies that they want to meet.”
The forum, which will be held at the Jamaica Conference Centre from February 2-3, will focus on identifying the areas that need to be addressed to improve trade and investment between China and the Caribbean, while the fair, slated for the National Arena from February 2-5, will highlight the goods and services on offer by the Chinese with a view to securing partners.
These businesses include tourism, mechanical and electronic products, household appliances, handicrafts, light industry products, textile and garments, bio-pharmaceutical technology and products, agriculture and primary products, and hi-tech communication and information products.
“The entire private sector in Jamaica, and by extension the Caribbean, has a tremendous opportunity to partner or to in some way provide services for the Chinese delegation that is coming here, and for the Chinese businesses that want to establish in this region,” Mr. Stephens noted.
Although companies interested in participating in the trade fair and forum have been asked to register by December 31, companies can register at any time, even on the days of the events, Mr. Stephens has said. Interested persons are being urged to register online at
In addition, persons can register or get further information by calling the offices of the Port Authority of Jamaica at 922-0290.